Here it is! Now of course I can’t take all the credit for this amazing looking polish. I first saw something similar that nailpolishenthusiast made that she called Leftover Frosting. And I was like, HOLY COW! I NEED to try that!! So go check out her tumblr! She has a lot of awesome swatches and does nail art also.

What are you waiting for? Go check her out!

Anyways, to create this I used a super old China Glaze White on White that was so old I could barely get the brush out. Then I put a good amount of base coat in it so I could thin out the white, then I added Claire’s Bedazzled (that’s the chunky glitter and really fine glitter) then I added a little bit of fingerprints flakies in Twisted, but you can’t really see them, every once in a while you can see a flake or two. And then what really makes it all come together is the OPI Up Front And Personal that I used. It added an awesome shimmer to the white so it’s not just a flat white.

And there you have it!! An amazing bottle of my very own, custom created polish. Yay!!

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